Lean Belly Breakthrough Scam Review

We recently came across this refreshing post by Obinna Ossai who takes Bruce Kahn the Creator of Lean Belly Breakthrough to task over some of the claims he makes in his video sales letter and on his website.

Mr. Kahn reached out to Mr. Ossai by email and clarified the following points about the Lean Belly Breakthrough Program.

A portion of that email interaction is posted here today for our readers to help them in making their own judgement about Lean Belly Breakthrough and if it is a scam or not.

  1. About the Backstory

Bruce: First off, the backstory of what happened to my father in law is 100 percent true:

He did have a heart attack while in an airplane (I can send you a video testimonial of him verifying the story).
He was given a program from a doctor [‘Dr. Heinrick’] that helped him quickly lose his belly fat and restore his health.

This program also helped his wife lose a substantial amount of weight in a short period of time.
Many others have since benefited from this same information.

  1. About ‘Dr. Heinrick’

Bruce: The doctor exists however his name is not Dr Heinrick. That is a pseudonym. I have provided the name of the doctor to the compliance department at ClickBank and they have it on record.

I understand that some people hide behind pseudonyms for dubious reasons but this is not the case here. The story is very simple – he was told to clean up his diet, lose weight and reduce his inflammation. He was given some instructions on how to do it. The program isn’t proprietary. In North America doctors don’t talk about lowering inflammation with diet – they usually prescribe something. This isn’t something that a doctor in Germany would consider “revolutionary” but in North America (and some other less progressive countries) it is different. However, to my in-laws the concepts were new and the doc told them to share the concepts with others. Nobody is hiding- it is exactly as I said.

  1. On Why He Used ‘Irritation’ instead of ‘Chronic Inflammation’

Bruce: I did not use the term “Inflammation” simply because people have heard that a million times before. When this happens people become “blind” to the term and don’t take action. The program cant help anybody if they don’t use it. The use of a different term is so that people pay attention.

  1. Did His Father-in-law Receive the Program From Dr Heinrick For Free?

Bruce: My father-in-law did not receive his program or medical attention for free. He did not even have insurance. I don’t know the exact cost but I do know it was substantial.

  1. About Suneil Kumar and ‘Doctor Certified’ Badge

Bruce: The “Dr Approved” badge was removed by us the moment Clickbank informed us that this service was not legitimate.

  1. About the Untrustworthy Testimonials

Bruce: Regarding the testimonials – yes, some are shared with Trouble Spot Nutrition (TSN) but not the ones of my in laws and here is why. This event happened prior to the release of TSN. My in laws did not want their story told and it took me a very long time to convince them it was a good thing. The few pics that are shared between the sites are because some of the methods described in the TSN program are shared with the Lean Belly program. However, TSN goes into way more depth about individual hormone imbalance issues while Lean Belly is focused on inflammation. I think you would agree that good nutrition programs tend to have more commonalities than differences.

The most important fact is that these people and pictures are real and not stolen like so many others on the net. Our programs help people. We answer questions personally and we don’t screw people over if they want a refund. These are very important factors that make us more reputable than some of the sites you have reviewed.

Conclusion: Thanks to Bruce’s upfront honesty with with Mr. Ossai Lean Belly Breakthrough has been judged not to be a scam and worthy of a closer look.

So with that in mind, please click on the image of the airplane below to watch Bruce’s presentation and decide for yourself